How To Create"PMANG"ForeignAccount ForS4&AVA

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How To Create"PMANG"ForeignAccount ForS4&AVA

Post  e1337 MastaGunZ on Sat May 03, 2008 1:07 pm

How to Create"PMANG" Foreign Account for S4:League & A.V.A(Alliance of Valiant Arms)
Hello this is a guide from halo200x on youtube!
Making an account for PMANG is actually quite easy.
First of all you may need the following resources:
-Internet Explorer 6.0 or above (won't work in Firefox or browsers that don't support Active X Controls.)
-Google translate
-A Passport or other Identification such as a drivers license(Don't search Google Images and use other people's identification, this would be illegal and I do not condone this)
-You may need Korean unicodes installed (search Microsoft's download site here)
-Some common sense and logical thinking
-IMPORTANT Throughout browsing the site, you will have to download and install certain Activex controls and plugins for Internet explorer, If you do not you WILL NOT be able to play There may be a page that looks like THIS with text, you do not have to download this!

Step 1: have your ID, passport drivers license at hand and just match up all the info according to that. MUST BE REAL PASSPORT/ID .JPG/.JPEG FILE!!
Also rename the picture to passport.jpg, a real person views these images so if it isn't a real passport it won't work.

Click this link And Click the Foreigner Registration Button
Sample of a passport:

Step 2: Follow the Pictures:

Congratulations! If you got past that then you will get a page telling you that you have registered. You will NOT be able to login yet, you will immediately get an email from PMANG saying that you have registered.
If you try to login you will get a page telling you that your account's PASSPORT or other ID is being processed. This can take 5-10 business days but mine was done in 2 hours!
When they have processed your ID you will be able to login and play many games!

Now For the A.V.A website, go to and click the big red button after logging in to start your game download, after it downloads install it (very simple process, not going to explain in depth). Once the game is installed and finished updating, you will then be able to play. Just click the big red button on the A.V.A site to launch the game again, remember you can only use IE because of the necessary active-x controls required.
Have fun!
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